Talent Acquisition

Swift Placements provides pre-screened profiles based on your specific requirements within a short time frame. Our elaborate selection process ensures a high hit ratio for Mid to Senior Level positions. Our services are based on the tenets of Pace, Quality and Reliability.

Executive Search / CXO Level Hiring

Swift Placements does a mandate search on candidates with specific skill sets and expertise levels based on very specific criteria laid down by the client. This service is essentially provided for senior management / CXO level positions. This service is conducted in strict confidence and in an extremely discreet manner, providing both the client and candidate with an unmatched experience.

HR Out Sourcing

HR outsourcing is yet another service provided by us. Depending upon the need of our clients we take the initiative to outsource services like putting together the employee hand book, employee satisfaction surveys, performance appraisal system etc. While the processes are purchased by the said provider we take charge of the smooth flow of the entire process. We ensure this closure and enable its progress without any hindrance.

Contract Staffing

Want to cut down on HR costs? Try temp-to-hire or contract staffing. We can hire a resource on our rolls or on contract and deploy to your company. Few months down the line, should you desire, the temp staff can be moved to your rolls. It's a great way to test skills on-the-job, before committing to on-roll employee expenses.

Background Verification

We offer comprehensive background screening solutions enabled by cutting-edge technology and largest databases searches to create an environment of trust for organizations to hire and conduct business with confidence.

Talent Development

We offer practical and engaging training programs to help your company- build dynamic teams; develop exceptional leaders; increase sales and profits; build and maintain excellent customer relationship; improve organisational efficiency and productivity, motivate and retain key staff and foster a stress-free and harmonious workplace.